For Landlords

If you are a owner of a premise with a high publicity, such as cinema, store, office building, business centre or hotel, you can become our agent and receive income by placing our payment kiosk.

Installing our kiosk you will generate:
Additional income from the kiosk, located in your space.
Increase customer's loyalty and gain new ones by providing more products and services.
Gain additional people traffic near your shop which will help to build more customers to your own goods/services.
Our Kiosks is modern, stylish, impressive and revolutionary device which add value to your space.
Can add you own services in the kiosk and give to your customers opportunity to pay comfortably.
Automated process of receiving and accounting the money.
Can add your advertise.

Specifications of Machine:
It takes less then 1 sq. meter to install.
It will be installed outside property and aside.
It operate 24/7 without any stuff assistance.
It completely autonomous and monitoring performing remotely online.
It totally noisless and safety.

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