• Grand Nova Hotel LLC
    Grand Nova Hotel LLC

    We are very satisfied when hear from our foreighn guests warm words about our recharge service
    Mr. Faiaz [Manager of Grand Nova Hotels]

  • Lassi Fort Coffe Shop LLC
    Lassi Fort Coffe Shop LLC

    Its really amazing tool which help accelerate more traffic near shop which is of course most usefull to generate more sale for our own shop products

    Big Thanks to "Extra-Payments" Team !

  • Al Khateeb International Trdng LLC
    Al Khateeb International Trdng LLC

    Our business fully from different field but anyway as entrepreneur opinion any additionall income even single extra coin is good for true Businessmens )

  • AMP Mobiles & Accessories LLC
    AMP Mobiles & Accessories LLC

    Actually this Machine is pretty good and helpfull companion addition to your core business if you are employed in an related industry _ Your Ajmal ;)

  • Beauty Night Trdng LLC
    Beauty Night Trdng LLC

    We are very long time work in trading and very well know what mean provide to customers full cyckle services and wide range products and how it reflect on main income, So thats why this recharge machine can play key role for this task increasing customer loyalty


  • Bollywood Trdng LLC
    Bollywood Trdng LLC

    If I have at least 1sq.ft empty space which stay out of use then why not use it more efficiency, of course I glad for such cooperation

  • Khalifa Obaid Pharmacy LLC
    Khalifa Obaid Pharmacy LLC

    What mostly I like in this machine that point is it given some additional value and attractiness to your space/property due to modern and impressive style

  • Ibal Furniture LLC
    Ibal Furniture LLC

    If location of your shop in strategic position then its really good source for some extra income

  • Dubai Moto Cross LLC
    Dubai Moto Cross LLC

    We work with Extra Payments already long time and for all period we meet worthy service with high level of proffesionality and tact

  • Colour House Computers LLC
    Colour House Computers LLC

    From side of my shop I can say just one word: Just place it and enjoy  ) ...


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