For Service Providers

If your provide Mobile lines, Internet, cable television, municipal service or any other organization which provide services, which can be sold from self-service payment kiosk,
we invite you to mutually beneficial cooperation. Having provided an opportunity to pay your services via our payment system "E-Payments"
which have an extensive network of self-service kiosks. Kiosks not just only accept payments in your favour, but also to offer your services.
You can post information about your products and services. That given opportunity to get acquainted with your offer and to select a needed service and to pay for it.
You will have a significant competitive advantage, Increase your area reach by adding many touch points to your customers offering a new channel of service.
Your customers will be able pay for your service close to their home or work, without needs go to bill payment office and standing in a boring queue.
It help you attract new customers and retain current customers with increasing them loyality

It is also can be applicable for Trade or Service Companies

Mutual benefit, it is our priority !

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