Our self-service Kiosk E-Payments 1V.O.B. is modern, stylish impressive and revolutionary Device.
It can be installed any where as outdoor or indoor and takes less than a 1.square meter of space.
It can work in such agressive environment as where many sand, water and high humidity.
It works reliably in a wide range of temperatures from -20°С up to +50°С.
It has unique and unprecedented security system which is meet total protection needed.
It has low power consumes, not more than 200W and what more important low noise level.

Thanks enough flexibility we are can designed and provide to you any type complete package
solution depending from your target requirements.


We can developing a turn-key solution that required you business.
Integrated with your other client systems.
With provide safety and reliability total data protection
With us your business will grow to new level
where the all boring manual processes of receiving and accounting the payments will be automated


It allows full continuous real-time monitoring, statistical reporting provides
detailed financial analysis and constant tracking of the commercial
activitiy from all services and kiosks.

Sensor tools provide real-time analysis the all parts of kiosks
and all integrated peripherals devices for providing rapid response
Our unique system of sequrity is latest and unprecedented
solution wich dont have analog.
All datas can be manipulated to use the relevant reports which important to your business.


24/7 Support Systems providing to our agents hot line of care to any kiosk of network.
If kiosks would not function, if customers could not access services.
Then solution is just in one call.
Our technical support team with in-field technicians solve any problem.

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