"E-Payments" self-serviced kiosk, performs the same job as cashier, helping to you pay for the services or goods.
But difference is that the payment kiosk more accessible under fingertips, your dont need more go to bill payment office and stand in a boring lines.
It works much faster, without error, totally sequre protection the transaction and provide you with receipt confirming a successful of payment.
You can pay bills for many services in one place which work around the clock, including weekends and holidays.
So any time and any where when ever you are need the "E-Payments" Kiosks are glad to help you!

Using the "E-Payments" self service kiosks is so easy such as has a simple, multilingual and intuitive understandable interface.
Touch screen of payment kiosk displays detailed instructions what to do and how to do, all operations are so simple that the device can be used absolutely by anyone.


For paying bills you need:
Firstly select on the touch screen a needed section of services, such as Phone, Internet, TV, Transport, Utilities, Banking, Games or Other.
Then you have to choose specific service presented in list of this section.
Following you have to fill in details for payment a service you are going to pay for.
Secondly you need put the money into the cash acceptor and click the button to pay.
In last, within a few seconds payment succeeds in favour of the selected operator as reported by the inscription on the screen
and you immediately will be provided with receipt which will give for confirming a successful payment.
E-Payments self-service kiosks is very convenient and usually installed in public places,
so pay attention and look around your home, work or nearest store and you defenitely notice our stylish red Kiosk's.

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